13 July 2005

Words on the Third Estate

Why the Third Estate? Why the French Revolution reference? Without drawing into deeply, without making this a history lesson, the Third Estate is the governing body of the people. Prior to the disposal of the French Monarchy, the social and political system off France was broken down into three bodies, three estates ā€“ all of which exist today though only one estate claims actual political power. The First Estate was that of the Clergy, as France was still a very Catholic nation. The Second Estate was that of the ruling class, the nobility. The third estate, the remaining 97% of the nation, was that of the people. The disparagement in authority was that 3% of antique France controlled 66% of the political authority, giving complete veto power to the First and Second estate as long as they sided together.

For those still with me, I urge you to hold on, for this blog is still in the introductory phase.

While a powerful fourth estate has been added since the days of the French Revolution ā€“ that of the media ā€“ the isolation of the Third Estate is no less complete.

Words of Introduction

Let me start by saying that I am not new at this. I an not new to writing, to blogging, or to journalism. Iā€™m not new to war, or money, to what this world has to offer. More than that, I am not new to the level of relative disparity between the haves and the have nots. Do not take this as some sort of communist decree, for a leveling of the playing field between the four estates would have disastrous consequences, much as they did when the Third Estate climbed into power during the French Revolution.

No, my intent is not to level the playing field, to render all as equals, but merely to expose the further isolation of the Third Estate by the remaining estates.

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